Buckle Chains

Buckle Chains

Collar with chains (2 rows - 3 rows) and leather clasp. It does not lose its shine, it is high quality, durable and antimicrobial.
Available in 5 sizes:

item 3829 (2 rows)

Sizes Dimensions
S 2,0mm*45cm
M 2,0mm*55cm
L 2,5mm*65cm
ΧL 3,0mm*75cm
2XL 3,0mm*85cm

item 3830 (3 rows)

Sizes Dimensions
S 2,0mm*50cm
M 2,5mm*60cm
L 2,5mm*70cm
ΧL 3,0mm*80cm
2XL 3,0mm*90cm


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