Intestinal Care with Delicate Chicken and Rice

Intestinal Care with Delicate Chicken and Rice

100% Fine Chicken with Rice meal.
Food ideal for dogs with gastrointestinal problems, chronic colitis or a sensitive digestive system. 
The meal is monoprotein, low in carbohydrates (4%), and contains no cereal.
Chicken is a source of high biological value but low in calories and very easy to digest. Rice is rich in vitamins and minerals, helps with stomach ailments and reduces all digestive problems.
It contains selected fresh chicken parts 67%, chicken broth 28.9%, rice 3%, minerals 1%, flaxseed oil 0.1%.
Without preservatives.
No flavor enhancers.
No grains and soy.
Low carbohydrates.
Metabolisable energy: 113.09Kcal / 100gr.
Nutritional Additives - vitamin D3 200i.e., zinc sulphate monohydrate 25mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate 1.4mg, calcium iodate anhydrous 0.75mg, copper sulphate pentahydrate 1mg.

Ingredients Typical Analysis Dry Matter Analysis
Protein 10.30% 41.2%
Fat 6.10% 24.4%
Ash 2.50% 10%
Fibre 0.60% 2.4%
Moisture 75.00% 0%
Sodium 0.20% -
Phosphorus 0.18% -


Dog Weight Daily Dose
1kg 84gr
2kg 141gr
4kg 238gr
6kg 315gr
8kg 358gr
10kg 413gr
12kg 490gr
14kg 576gr
15kg 607gr
20kg 778gr

Available in two packages:

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