Intestinal Care Sterilised - Turkey (12months - 7 years)

Intestinal Care Sterilised - Turkey (12months - 7 years)

Food suitable for adult neutered cats with digestive problems.
A complete, balanced meal
of superior quality from 100% fresh steamed turkey with minimal carbohydrates (2%) rice which together with the turkey are a digestible combination for cats that have difficulty digesting and chronic or frequent diarrhea. It is also indicated as a postoperative diet.
From the moment of neutering, the cat's metabolism changes, so it needs food with L-carnitine: it converts fatty acids into pure energy, and with DL-methionine: as a urin acidifier.
A tasty diet so that your cat always has health, energy and great mood!
Veterinaryly tested, with taste, aroma and texture for the biological needs of animals in nature.
It contains turkey 68%, rice 2%, broth 28.7%, rice 2%, minerals 1%, MOS 0.1%, FOS 0.1%, linseed oil 0.1%.
Proteins: 10.40%
Crude fat: 5.10%
Crude fiber: 0.40%
Crude ash: 2.40%
Moisture: 80.00%
Sodium: 0.16%
Phosphorus: 0.24%
Nutritional additives - vitamin D3 200i.e, zinc as zinc sulfate, monohydrate 25mg, manganese as manganese-ll-sulfate, monohydrate 1.4mg, iodine as calciumjodat 0.75mg, taurine 1500mg, DL-methionine 20mg, L-carnitine 200mg, copper as cupric-sulfate, pentahydrate 0.5mg.
Metabolisable energy: 91.41 Kcal / 100gr

  • Pate
  • 95.5% meat
  • Without preservatives
  • Without or with few carbohydrates
  • No artificial colors
  • Hypoallergenic food
  • Low in magnesium
  • Digestion + 92%              

                                  Daily Dosage

Cat Weight Dosage
2-3kg 150gr
3-5kg 200gr
5-7kg 300gr

Available in two packages: 
1437 200gr.
1447 400gr.

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