υγρή τροφή για σκύλους και γάτες
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Full, balanced and tasty super premium wet meals for demanding dogs and cats. The recipes follow the modern scientific knowledge of wet food and are exclusively based on fresh meat, fine raw vegetables and legumes without any preservatives or colors. Each meal has more than 60% meat, vegetables, rice and a texture that is closer to dog’s and cat’s nature like no other meal. The Naturest® fresh meals have top digestibility (90%) that meet the daily nutritional needs of our pets at different stages of age (life stages) and special dietary requirements (health care). 
No by-meat products. Only by high quality organic food products.
No preservatives.
No artificial colors and flavors.
No grains or wheat.
This way and only, we ensure that our favorite pets get what they need for nutrients and energy without unnecessary fat and in unnecessary quantities!Less volume, more value! 
In Naturest® wet food you not only read what it contains. You can also see it!