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Do you know that you have a wolf in your house? Dogs are the offspring of wolves. They have the same mouth, the same teeth and the same digestive system, so they get most of their energy from meat and much less from vegetables and fruits.
As members of a human family, this family is their herd, but the urban environment in which they grow up and live no longer provides them with the intense activity they need. The result is some health problems such as obesity, skin and hair problems and digestive disorders.
For perfectly healthy dogs we have created a series of high quality foods that are closer to their nature! The Naturest meals which are made from unprocessed fresh meats, vegetables & fruits, are low in carbohydrates and have a digestibility of 92%.
Combining high quality ingredients and 91-96% meat content, our favorite pets get what they need for nutrition and energy every day for their different stages of age and for their special nutritional or energy requirements. By choosing Naturest you choose a complete, tasty and balanced diet for the dog!