Puppy Lamb with Garden Vegetables and Rice

Puppy Lamb with Garden Vegetables and Rice

Lamb with Vegetables and Rice.
Food suitable for puppies from the age of the first month to 12 months. It is also recommended during lactation.
Puppies need foods rich in nutritional value because this is the time they lay the foundations for a healthy future.
Lamb, in addition to the vitamins and minerals it has, is hypoallergenic and extremely digestible, so it does not complicate the body of puppies during the digestive process.
A complete, balanced meal with selected fresh parts of lamb 62%, lamb broth 28.9%, carrot 2%, peas 2%, rice 2%, potato 2%, minerals 1%, linseed oil 0.1%.
Without meat by-products but with edible offal of biological value. * Foods that are suitable for humans are defined as edible.
Without preservatives.
No flavor enhancers.
No grains and soy.
Low carbohydrates.
Metabolisable energy: 118.78Kcal / 100gr
Nutritional Additives - vitamin D3 200i.e., zinc sulphate monohydrate 25mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate 1.4mg, calcium iodate anhydrous 0.75mg.

Ingredients Typical Analysis Dry Matter Analysis
Protein 10.70% 42.8%
Fat 6.70% 26.8%
Ash 2.20% 8.8%
Fibre 0.40% 1.6%
Moisture 75.00% 0%
Sodium 0.16% -
Phosphorus 0.24% -


Dog Weight Daily Dose
1kg 105gr
2kg 177gr
4kg 298gr
6kg 403gr
8kg 501gr
10kg 592gr
12kg 679gr
15kg 802gr

Available in two packages:

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