Rawhide Twisted Sticks

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Rawhide Twisted Sticks

Twisted engagement sticks. Ideal for the protection of the oral cavity but also for the training of the jaws. One of the most natural and favorite options for dogs! * The product is produced from natural ingredients and can vary in color and size.
Ingredients: 100% rawhide
Protein: 78.16%
Total fat: 1.78%
Total fiber: 1.70%
Total ash: 2%
Moisture: 10%
Available in two variants:
1242 double color sticks12.5cm * 9-10mm. 12pcs
1243 white sticks 12.5cm * 9-10mm. 12pcs
* Also available in large packaging.
Item: 1242-B double color sticks12.5cm * 9-10mm (50pcs)
Item: 1243-Β white sticks 12,5cm * 9-10mm (75pcs.)

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