Weight control with Turkey and Chicken and Garden Vegetables

Weight control with Turkey and Chicken and Garden Vegetables

Turkey and Chicken with Vegetables Meal.
Food suitable for overweight dogs, obese or neutered.
Turkey and Chicken are sources of high biological value but low in calories, ideal for weight loss for the dog.
The meal is rich in Cellulose, which has no calories, helps the digestive system by maintaining its mobility and gives a feeling of satiety to the body.
A complete balanced meal, for weight loss or maintenance with selected fresh parts of chicken 42% and turkey 20%, chicken broth 29%, potato 3%, cellulose 3%, carrot 2%, minerals 1%, we guarantee visible results within a few weeks!
No meat by-products but with edible offal of biological value. * Foods that are suitable for humans are defined as edible.
Without preservatives.
No flavor enhancers.
No grains and soy.
Low carbohydrates.
Metabolisable energy: 100.86Kcal / 100gr
Nutritional Additives - vitamin D3 200i.e., zinc sulphate monohydrate 25mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate 1.4mg, calcium iodate anhydrous 0.75mg, copper sulphate pentahydrate 1mg.

Ingredients Typical Analysis Dry Matter Analysis
Protein 10.30% 44.8%
Fat 5.10% 22.2%
Ash 2.50% 10.9%
Fibre 0.60% 2.6%
Moisture 77.00% 0%
Sodium 0.16% -
Phosphorus 0.17% -


Dog Weight Weight Control Daily Dose Weight Loss Daily Dose
1kg 84gr 62gr
2kg 142gr 105gr
4kg 238gr 177gr
6kg 323gr 239gr
8kg 401gr 297gr
10kg 446gr 351gr
12kg 511gr 403gr
14kg 610gr 452gr
15kg 642gr 476gr
20kg 797gr 591gr

Available in two packages:

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