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Which wipes are suitable for my dog or cat?

Pet wipes are specially designed for use on animals and if you use them as directed, they are completely safe for your pet.
Some key features to look out for when choosing the right cleaning wipes:

  1. The wipe's ability to resist tearing as they are exposed with body parts that can tear it (like claws),  while cleaning your pet.
  2. Its absorbency, a necessary feature for effective cleaning and moisture retention.
  3. Its texture, embossed wipes are more effective in collecting, holding and removing dirt. 

To choose suitable cleaning wipes for our pets, we must carefully read the ingredients on the package. A key factor is to be hypoallergenic and always certified by international organizations.
PET INTEREST embossed wipes are extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. With herbal ingredients, aloe vera, chamomile and olive oil lotion, they gently clean, rejuvenate and give shine to the animal's skin and coat. They are free of parabens and alcohol. Ideal for dogs and cats.
Made of special biodegradable material.
They are available in packs of 20pcs, keeping their freshness and moisture until the very last one, ideal for your walks and trips. In 3 options depending on your preferences or the particularities of your pet. Search them here