For another one year, our company successfully participated in the world's largest exhibition " INTERZOO 2022", which was held in Nuremberg of Germany 24th - 27th of May 2022
During the days of the exhibition we came into contact with dozens people of our industry from different countries.
Thank you all for visiting our booth (HALL: 7, STAND: 741) and we renew our appointment for the next major international exhibition.

Do you know that you have a wolf in your house?

Dogs are the offspring of wolves. They have the same mouth, the same teeth and the same digestive system, so they get most of their energy from meat and much less from vegetables and fruits.
As members of a human family, this family is their herd, but the urban environment in which they grow up and live no longer provides them with the intense activity they need. The result is some health problems such as obesity, skin and hair problems and digestive disorders.

H Naturest αλλάζει και γίνεται Wellfed, η οποία αγκαλιάζει μία ευρεία γκάμα τροφών και προιόντων αποκλειστικά για τις γάτες μας.

The Artemis Cultural & Aninal Welfare Association Thanks Pet Interest Company for its generous sponsorship and declares it as a "Grand Sponsor" for 2019!

The new year is a dynamic and creative one for PetInterest. In order to better inform you about what we can do for our best friends, dogs and cats, we have created two new TailSwingers and Wellfed pages.

Tailswingers: The world's largest collection of treats for dogs!

Regardless of the breed, one thing is certain - Our dogs need love, care and looking after. They need to be happy and wag their tail joyfully. TailSwingers, the largest variety of dog treats, proves in practice that our little friends can enjoy high quality, every day products.


As part of our strategic expansion beyond the European area, we took part in Pets Arabia 2017.

Η Pet Interest θα παρουσιαστεί στην μεγαλύτερη έκθεση της Μέσης Ανατολής! 

Η Pet Interest πάει εξωτερικό! 

Check out our booth that the greatest Greek exhibition! 

We exhibited at the No1 pet trade fair! 

A new idea for a flavor and palatability boost! 

New flavors and new recipes for Naturest biscuits!

Brand new series by Pet Interest.

treat contest

A great offer by Pet Interest! Learn how!

We participated at the Pets Today exhibition in late 2014!

watermelon and a dog

Little advices needed for summertime.

Εφημερεύοντα κτηνιατρεία θεσσαλονικη, Ελλάδα, viral

A list that everyone needed! Thank you all for making it viral!

Ο Βασιλιάς των τροφών επιβράβευσης, τώρα σε μειωμένη τιμή! Κάντε κλικ και δείτε πως! 

Εμείς πάντως δεν σταματάμε... Προχωράμε!