watermelon and a dog

We are sure that you take care of your pet as you must do and you also refresh its water these past few hot weeks wherever you are. How sure are you that your pets are gaining the proper amount of water that is needed during summertime?

Who could ever imagine that is affected not only by the water itself but also by the food that we give them?

It is easily understandable that the dry food doesn’t help this matter at all because of its low humidity. In fact it is even more dangerous when the food is medium-or low quality. The dog’s organism in order to digest the nutritional ingredients often spends large amounts of energy. Energy means heat, which if it is combined with the outer high temperature, can cause many problems, from loss of appetite, depression or even death. The same can happen with super premium foods because the used dubious materials can be really harmful for the animal's body.

That’s another reason why Pet Interest suggests for pet feeding the super premium cooked meals, Naturest. They are easily digested, the pure raw materials and their great taste your pet will get its needed nutritional ingredients digesting it with  low energy. If we add to their wonderful taste and 75% humidity, then you will have a quiet, wonderful summer!

Good summer then!