Like your cats and dogs!

Like your cats and dogs!

The new year is a dynamic and creative one for PetInterest. In order to better inform you about what we can do for our best friends, dogs and cats, we have created two new TailSwingers and Wellfed pages.

Tailswingers: The world's largest collection of treats for dogs!

Regardless of the breed, one thing is certain - Our dogs need love, care and looking after. They need to be happy and wag their tail joyfully. TailSwingers, the largest variety of dog treats, proves in practice that our little friends can enjoy high quality, every day products.

Wellfed: The best care a cat can have!

Caring for a cat is exciting and at the same time a great challenge. Patience and persistence are needed regarding their health, interaction with others and education. Wellfed, with a wide range of cat food products, caters for your pet's well-being, even if six more lives are due it. Or eight. ;)

In our two new pages we will discuss our favorite pets, exchange views and present our new products. They aim at even better interaction between all of us who want variety and quality in the products we provide for the four-legged members of our family who make our life more beautiful and cheerful.