Carrot bites with Chicken

Carrot bites with Chicken

Soft pieces of carrot wrapped in delicious chicken fillet.
Carrot is a tasty and nutritious vegetable, rich in vitamins Α, Κ, & Β6, antioxidants, minerals and fibers. 
An ideal treat to control your dog's weight, and also protects the immune system.
Improves eyesight and due to the fibers improves digestion.

Contains 69.7% chicken, 17% carrot, 3.5% starch, 3.5% glycerine, 3% vegetable protein, 3% sorbitol, 0.3% salt.
Protein: 25%
Fat: 3%
Ash: 5%
Fiber: 3%
Moisture: 18%
Weight: 100γρ.
Free of dyes, sugar, flavor enhancers or preservatives.
Low in fat.

Daily Dosage

Dog's weight Pieces
Less than 3kgr  1
3 - 6 kgr  2
6 kgr or more  3


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