Cat Harness & Leash Meow

Cat Harness & Leash Meow

Adjustable harness & leash for cats. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors. The harnesses hug the cat's chest and provide effective control during your walk. It is important that they are removed after the walk because there is a possibility of damage by the cat's teeth and nails. The leash is an additional - combinational item to prevent possible injuries and accidents.


Size Meow White  Meow Coral  Meow Black 
S 30241 30242 30243
M 30245 30246 30247

Harness Size

Size Neck Belly
S 20-35cm 25-45cm
M 25-40cm 35-55cm

Cat Leash Size

Size Dimensions
S 1*100cm
M 1*100cm


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