Cat Toillet Box - Astronaut Grey 55.4x49x41.7cm

Cat Toillet Box - Astronaut Grey 55.4x49x41.7cm

Space-shaped cat bowl.
It is an original and fun design & designed to provide a safe and comfortable area for the cat during space missions.

A cat bowl is an essential piece of equipment for every pet cat.
It is a specially designed space where the cat can perform its normal needs, such as urination and defecation.
This space is important for the cat's hygiene and keeping its environment clean.

Placing the cat's litter box in the correct position is also important, as cats often prefer quiet and accessible spaces.
Also, it is good to follow daily routines for cleaning the basin, in order to ensure the hygiene of the cat.

item :06101
Dimensions: 55.4x49x41.7cm


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