Cat Vest Harness & Leash

air mesh cat blue
  • air mesh cat blue
  • vest harness & leash
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Cat Vest Harness & Leash

Air mesh vest harness & leash for cats. Breathable air mesh, that allows cat's coat and skin to breathe. A special no choke design, the harness hugs the cat's chest and provides effective control during your walk. It is made of reinforced material, soft and ultralight. It has 4 points of adjustment as well as 2 snap side-buckles to put in and take off easily. It has reflective strips that glow in the dark.

It is important to remove the harness after walk, because there is the possibility of being damaged by the cat's teeth and claws. The leash is an additional - combination part to prevent possible injuries and accidents.

Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors:

30270 XS Red 35-42cm 120cm
30271 XS Blue 35-42cm 120cm
30272 XS Black 35-42cm 120cm
30273 S Red 40-50cm 120cm
30274 S Blue 40-50cm 120cm
30275 S Black 40-50cm 120cm


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