Chew Knots with Chicken Large Red

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Chew Knots with Chicken Large Red

Rawhide with Chicken.
Chewing knots made of ox skin wrapped in chicken fillet. Suitable for dogs up to 15 kg. Chewing knots effectively help to relax and unwind your dog, while strengthening the dog's mouth muscles and body muscles with chewing.
It contains 70% rawhide knot, 27.8% chicken fillet, 2% sorbitol, 0.2 salt.
Protein: 70%
Total fat: 3%
Total ash: 4%
Total fiber: 0.2%
Moisture: 18%
Free of dyes, sugar, flavor enhancers or preservatives.
Low in fat.
Weight 60gr.

Daily Dosage
Body Weight Pieces
less than 3 1
3-6kg 2
6-15kg 3

1127-R 2 pieces  60gr.

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