Chicken & Carrot Vitamins Bites

Chicken & Carrot Vitamins Bites

Τender fresh bites with chicken & carrot!
Rich in vitamins A, K, B6.
A delicious treat for the dog! They are small and soft so the dog eats them quickly, easily and savors every bite - a treat!
High palatability and digestibility.
Rich in vitamins & fiber.
Sugar and grain free. Low in fat and salt

Contains:chicken 74.2%, glycerin 12%, vegetable protein 7%, starch 3%, sorbitol 2%, carrot 1.5%, salt 0.2% ​

Protein: 30%
Total fat: 4%
Total fiber: 4%
Total ash: 3%
Humidity: 23%

Weight: 25g

Item: 15013


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