Foldable Slicker Brush

Foldable Slicker Brush

Recommended for medium or long fur. Shiny fur with a simple soft touch!
Specially designed brush with fine stainless-steel pins and rounded tops.
It removes knots and tangles from your pet’s coat, without damaging the fur.

Details for foldable brushes:

  • Specially designed foldable brushes rotating 270o.
  • Adjust the handle by pressing the buttons and lock at the position you desire.
  • They are designed to minimize the pressure on the hands and wrists during usage.
  • Mini size, ideal for trips.

1) Stainless steel pins according to RoHS specifications
2) Eco friendly material

* Do not use the brush in case of skin conditions or cuts. Comb always towards the coat. Do not put too much pressure on skin. Do not use in sensitive areas. If you notice any irritation, stop using the brush. Keep it away from children.


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