GOGET Soft v Chest Harness

GOGET Soft v Chest Harness

Adjustable dog harness, it is soft and comfort. It has D-rings for easy handling without pulling. It has reflective stripes that glow in the dark, for the protection of your dog during the night. It is important to remove it after walk, because there is possibility of damage by the dog's teeth.

Available in 3 colors (orange, light blue, grey) and 3 sizes:

Size Dimensions
M 48-65cm
L 61-76cm
XL 71-88cm


Orange                               Light Blue
34526 size M                     34529 size M
34527 size L                      34530 size L
34528 size XL                    34531 size XL

34532 size M
34533 size L
34534 size XL  
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