Grooming my cat

Grooming my cat

Cat has the ability to clean itself, so to take care of its own hair. The way she is treated, is directly related to the construction of her tongue. Cat's tongue is specially made to work as a comb.  Although cat spends a relatively large part of the day washing itself, care from us is essential. Ideally, you might start combing your cat from an early age, in this way you gain its familiarity.

Benefits of treatment.

Hairstyle helps blood circulation and improves muscle tone. We stimulate the glands at the base of the hair, improving the quality of our cat's hair. One of the most important benefits, is the minimization of hair follicles (reduction of swallowing dead hair).

How often should we comb our cat and for how long?

It depends on the breed of cat and the length of the hair (short or long hair).

  • Shorthair cats need a haircut about every week, or more often when they are sick or elderly and not in the mood to clean themselves. You can use a cat brush or comb. By this way, the dead hairs are removed and of course they do not fall on the floor or on the couch!
  • In long-haired cats, the hair needs daily care as if it gets too tangled, knots are created.

If your cat's hair is not tangled, just brush them. Comb your cat for 5-15 minutes. Most cats love to brush, but if your cat doesn't seem to like the procedure, let it go and try again later. Reward the cat with a treat every time and for as long as it sits.

If you notice tangled masses with hair knots in your cat's hair, you should brush carefully and patiently. Remaining on the hair, just below the knot, while brushing will prevent hair pulling.