Mango bites with Chicken

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Mango bites with Chicken

Mango bites with Chicken
Soft mango pieces wrapped in delicious chicken fillet. Mango is an excellent source of vitamin A and flavonoids, its antioxidant properties help the dog's good eyesight.
It is a fruit that is rich in both carotene and lycopene, which help protect cells and suppress tumor growth.
Its fiber reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. Its consumption improves the function of the brain and the health of the nervous system due to its high content of vitamin B6.
Ideal treats to reward your dog for the positive results he achieves each time.
It contains Chicken fillet 49.8%, mango 45%, sorbitol 2%, starch 2%, glycerol 1%, salt 0.2%,
Protein: 15%
Total fat: 2.5%
Total ash: 6%
Total fiber: 0.2%
Moisture: 18%
Weight: 100gr.
Free of dyes, sugar, flavor enhancers or preservatives.
Low in fat.

Daily Dosage
Body Weight Pieces
Less than 3kg 1
3-6 κιλά 2
6kg or more 3


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