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New dog owner and you don’t know from where to start? There is no reason for you to be stressed! Pet Interest is always here for you, at your service!

Congratulations! You officially became a foster “parent” of an awesome pet! The only thing that is for sure is that the dog you just adopted and decided to spend some years together will offer to you some great moments of joy, happiness and true-unconditional love. Apart from all these, being a dog owner obliges you to be well prepared for some biological necessities of the dog you just “adopted”. In few and simple words, you replace its parents from the very first day! This means that it depends, physically and spiritually, by you.

As a parent you have to be equipped with some essential stuff before you welcome your new best friend.

First of all, you have to visit the vet for the very first acquaintance. Apart from the necessary vaccinations and to program the rest, the vet will provide you with useful advices and information about the puppy, which will help the proper development and welfare of the dog.

Food. The puppy within 6, 12, 18 months old (small, medium and large breeds) will grow as much as a human does until 14 years old. After weaning, a puppy at 10 months old will consume daily large amounts of food (depending on what the manufacturer propose), three or four times per day. The vet will guide you better about the feeding instructions depending on the breed and the size that will gain in his adulthood.
 Food and water bowls. From the very first days you will be impressed with the quantity of food and water that it can consume. This means that it must have direct access to food and water at a certain place. This means that you must take care of the bowls to be regularly cleaned and to refresh the food and water like you do with human dishes.  Food remains are responsible for the development of unpleasant smell and bacteria. Also for those who are a many hours absent from home, water filtering and oxygenating devices are available.
Pet pads. A puppy 0-18 months old “goes to the bathroom” approximately every 3 hours. Once after waking up, after every meal, after drinking water, after exercise or playing and one or two times during the night. Pet pads are extremely absorbable and can save you many hours of cleaning and nerves. Further, there are also pads with special smell so that the dogs are guided by their instinct. Not forget to include that the pads make the transition from home to walk easier.

You will also need a collar. It is extremely important for the animal to understand from the early beginning that the collar will be its best friend and should get used to the feeling of wearing it in the rest of its life.
Toys. In order not to find yourself in the unpleasant situation to see your brand new pair of shoes or your favorite sofa chewed, keep the puppy busy! Puppies, just like babies do, have a lot of energy stored so they to drain it off somewhere.  Buy some special chew bones and/or plastic toys that are durable and don’t break easily. And never give your puppy something that you no longer use, such as an old shoe that u don’t wear. A puppy can’t sort out the “old” from the “new”, the “good” from the “bad” shoe.  By having its own toys, especially stuffed or chew knots toys that can absorb smell/saliva left by them. This way “helps” the pet to understand what is yours and what is it.

A pet bed. The puppies are used to sleep on their mother’s soft belly. So we are obligated to replace their mother somehow. But except to this, we are showing to it their place and also their rest post.

A leash. Just like the collar, it is very important for the puppy to realize that for the rest of his life it is going to wear both these accessories. We advise you to wear the leash in your home, only under your supervision, so that when the time comes for a walk outside, will not consider it as something strange or a threat.  Retractable leashes are not suitable for this age, nor later ages, because dogs, and generally all animals, are quite unpredictable which can lead to unfortunate incidents or to something even worse.

Treats. By rewarding a good behavior with a delicious treat, especially during the early days, is a very important issue because it will be translated by subconscious of the animal as “correct”. For example if the puppy goes”to the bathroom” on its pad, and we reward it with a treat, the puppy will understand that it did something right! And the next time it would do the same so that it gets that delicious treat again. Apart from the first moments of training and rich taste, some treats assist many assets of the dog’s organism, such as immune system, bones and joints, etc. exactly because they are rich in proteins, calcium and other important ingredients.

The wide range of Pet Interest’s products can fulfill all these needs with success and premium quality. After our 20 years of experience in pet food industry, and in collaboration with pet nutritionists and Greek veterinarians, we have the knowhow and the ability to watch or even interfere in production process of our goods, so that we can keep the quality in high levels!