Just imagine a human eating fast food every day! Will he have the energy and appetite needed (welfare)? Will his health be good? The answer is No! The same applies to our beloved four legged friends.

A balanced diet cooked with fresh ingredients (meat, carrots, potatoes, peas or rice) affects many sectors of animals’ daily routine, its mood (welfare) and its look (health). Welfare and Health=Longevity.

For instance, how many times haven’t we complained about the fur, the smells or even the bad behavior? But can we really imagine that –to a big extent - all these are due to the nutrition habits? If you follow a balanced diet cooked with fresh ingredients, you will soon notice how  much healthier and happier your pet is.

But let’s take it from the beginning.
The oral cavity, the skull shape, the gastrointestinal tract are similar to the wolves (carnivores). What we don’t possibly know is that the carnivores first choose to eat the viscera of their prey. This way they will take in (since it’s already been through the digestive system of the prey) proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, metals and minerals and as a result the food will be absorbed better and more smoothly. So the animal, not only doesn’t have to spend much energy for the digestion but it also offers plenty of carbohydrates ,fats, proteins, vitamins, metals and minerals in order to use them for other functions of the organism as well, such as cell or fur  regeneration e.t.c. The same applies to the domesticated animals. If we offer them a much easier food to digest, then they will give all this extra energy to the other sections of the organism.

Let’s see the chart below which shows the digestion of the food:

Egg white 1,00
Meat (muscles) 0,92
Meat (viscera) 0,90
Milk 0,89
Fish 0,75
Soya 0,75
Rice 0,72
Oat 0,66
Grain 0,60
Corn 0,54

Dry Food Vs Wet Food (super premium).
Let’s take a look at the chart below where we compare the super premium adult dry food with the wet food of Pet Interest, Naturest Beef & Lamb. In order to understand better the difference between the dry food and the wet food we have to make reduction the dry food (zero humidity).

  Typical analysis  Dry Matter Analysis
Analysis Dry Food Naturest Dry Food Naturest
Protein 25% 10,8% 27.5% 39.9%
Fat 16% 6,6% 17.6% 24.42%
Fiber 1,9% 0,4% 2.09% 1.48%
Ash 5,6% 2,4% 6.16% 8.8%
Humidity  10% 75% 0% 0%
Financial 10kg. dog,200gr-2,2€/meal 10kg dog, 400gr- 1,8€/meal    

For many, wet food is more premium than the dry food since it contains more animal’s protein than the dry ones and it doesn’t contain grains. Furthermore, because of the air-tight pack it doesn’t need synthetic ingredients. This way the fats and the oils that are sealed in are not getting rancid. So, ultimately, which is the best choice? 

Characteristics Dry Wet
Overall ease  
Lower Cost  
Animal Proteins   
Natural Fats  
Less carbohydrates  
More palatability  
More life period  
Fullness feeling  
More meat choice  
Easier to chew  
Time in the container  

So the main conclusion based on the above chart is that, if the main concern of a pet owner is the nutritional value of the food he gives, then he has to choose the wet food. If, on the other hand he cares for the overall ease, even if this means less nutrition, then he has to choose the dry one.

Based on all the important points – keys that were analyzed above and bearing in mind our 20 year experience, it is safe to say that if we want the ultimate quality for our most loyal friend then the solution is one and only: wet food ‘’Naturest’’!!!
‘Pet Interest’ supplies the cooked with fresh ingredients food ‘’Naturest’’. They are divided, according to the animals’ needs into two categories “life stages” and  “Health care”  for dogs and cats depending on the age and any other specificity of each animal. The specifities of an animal are very important when one chooses the food. For instance, Pet interest suggests the Naturest Intestinal Care to an animal that faces stomach problems which constists of 67%  chicken, 28.9% broth, 3% rice, 0,1% linseed oil. We take all the necessary and ultimate quality of animal proteins from the chicken. The rice is enriched with carbohydrates, which are very essential in cases of diarrhea or vomit, as every organism needs in such cases. And finally the linseed oil is richer in Ω3 fatty acids that are found in the plant kingdom that regulates the digestion the blood glucose. At the same time it sooths the colitis and helps the circulatory system. That’s something we would give to our sick child!