Pet Feeder - 6 Meals

Pet Feeder - 6 Meals

Automatic pet feeder for dogs & cats, for dry or wet food, when you are away from home. It can feed the pet for up to 3 days, ideal for small & medium breeds.
Up to 6 meals / day.
It has smart settings with feeding scedule from the device. There are buttons on the top of the feeder with easy settings. It has 3 buttons, for increasing or decreasing the amount of food.

It is safe & protects from foot accidents, the disc doesn't turn if the pet's feet are inside the machine.

05574  White
05575  Pink
Capacity: 180ml * 6meals


  • Safe use
  • Long life
  • Needs 3 batteries C
  • It has USB cable
  • ABS material - very durable
  • Easy to clean  
  • 24-hour time setting

Dimensions: 320mm*320mm*83mm
Weight: 1kgr


  1. Do not place objects on the top of the feeder.
  2. Use for people over 12 years old.
  3. Replace the battery in time.
  4. When it contains batteries & it is plugged, it uses power from the socket.
  5. Smart technology with feeding scedule from the mobile phone.
  6. The tray can be washed in the discwasher.
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