Plaid Mesh Harness with Skirt

styling for dogs
  • styling for dogs
Plaid Mesh Harness with Skirt

Air mesh harness - walk apparel that lets the hair and skin breathe. Made of 100% polyester.
Available in 2 colors and 5 sizes: 

Size Length Girth Neck
XS 10cm 14cm 8cm
S 11.5cm 16cm 10cm
M 14cm 20cm 12.5cm
L 17cm 23cm 15cm
XL 20cm 27cm 18cm

Checked Beige - Plaid: 5465 (XS,S,M,L,XL)

Red - Plaid        
54675 size XS           
54676 size S              
54677 size M             
54678 size L              
54679 size XL         
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