Shedding Tool

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Shedding Tool

Designed so that it reaches the fur substrate and the dead hairs of the animal, without injuring it. The hairs are easily and effectively removed at the touch of a button.
Blade size: 50mm-66mm-100mm.
For short or medium furs. The 50mm blade is for small dogs and cats (Jack Russell, Chihuahua), the 66mm for medium-sized dogs (Beagle, Bulldog) while the 100mm is for large breeds (Doperman, Lambrador). With frequent use, a 95% reduction in hair loss is achieved!
1) Stainless steel blade according to RoHS specifications
2) Ergonomic TPR handle for better handling
3) Easy hair removal with release button

A separate spare part of all sizes is available where it fits normally on the tool base without the need to purchase a new product!
* Do not use the tool in case of wounds or skin diseases. Always comb in the direction of the hair. Do not push too hard. Do not comb sensitive areas. If irritation is observed, discontinue the use. Keep it away from children.

2410 - S (blade size 50mm)
2410 - M (blade size 66mm)
2410 - L (blade size 100mm)

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