Tail Swingers

φρέσκες λιχουδιές επιβράβευσης
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Our love for pets is very much human. And very much active, every day of the year. We know it, we practice it, we established the Tailswingers® series for it!
Our job is to offer top quality products in affordable prices. The Tailswingers® snacks recipes balance healthy food and rewarding taste to perfection. They are multi-fuctional and address a variety of health, behavioral and nutritional needs. They all pass through the strictest quality tests and always come with detailed nutritional info on their packaging. After some tests performed on the quality of Pet Interest’s treats named Tailswingers®, we can represent the results:

  • Completely safe for a dog’s health.
  • They are high quality products because they contain meat which follows the nutritional requirements for pets.
  • Safe for the owners but also for those who would consume them by accident.
  • Tailswingers® are fresh and slightly dehydrated meat or fish fillets (in an oven with less than 90° for mild dehydration) in 31 unique combinations.

Prominent position has the dental line of the Tailswingers® series. They are exclusively made by natural products which are able to maintain the oral PH levels while they exercise the gum line. Enriched with extracts of mint, parsley, fennel, dill, plant alfalfa among others, provides fresh breath and unique sense of freshness. They are like child toothpaste but for dogs!
Colorings, flavor enhancers, preservatives, sugar, cereals free.
Low fat and salt.