Wellfed Filleto Meze Intestinal Aid

chicken brown rice intestinal problem
Wellfed Filleto Meze Intestinal Aid

Complementary wet food for adult cats from chicken fillet, with brown rice.
Helps to keep your cat hydrated!
It contains 60.0% chicken fillet, 36.0% broth, 2.0% brown rice, 2.0% sunflower oil.
Ideal food for cats with problems in their ntestinal system.
Brown rice is rich in fiber. It helps your cat's intestinal system function better.

Metabolizable energy: 800/kcal per kg (56kcal per can)
Analytical constituents
Protein:       15.00%   
Fat:                3.00%
Crude Ash:   1.00%    
Crude Fiber: 0.50% 
Moisture:    80.00%

Rich in proteins, low in fat and carbohydrates.
No preservatives, no artificial colors & aromas.
Daily feeding: max.1 can/day (or split 60% complementrary wet food / 40% complete dry food)

Item: 14556 - 70gr

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