Wellfed Filleto Meze Tuna & Duck for Kitten

kitten tuna duck red algae
Wellfed Filleto Meze Tuna & Duck for Kitten

Complementary wet food for kittens from tuna & duck fillets, with red algae.
Helps to keep your cat hydrated!
It contains 40.4% tuna, 36.0% broth, 20.0% duck fillet, 2.0% sunflower oil, 1.5% rice, 0.1% red algae.
Red algae is a valuable source of natural antioxidants, boosting immunity.
It is rich in calcium, magnesium & zinc.

Metabolizable energy: 760/kcal per kg (53.2kcal per can)
Analytical constituents
Protein:       15.00%   
Fat:                2.50%
Crude Ash:   1.00%    
Crude Fiber: 0.50% 
Moisture:    80.50%

Rich in proteins, low in fat and carbohydrates.
No preservatives, no artificial colors & aromas.
Daily feeding: max.1 can/day (or split 60% complementrary wet food / 40% complete dry food)

Item: 14551 - 70gr

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