All the reasons that a dog loses its hair.

All the reasons that a dog loses its hair.

A dog loses its hair for several reasons. Apart from being a natural process as in humans, it depends on hormones, light, stress and most importantly nutrition.

How can we reduce it with the correct diet?

The answer is with the ingredients that dog needs during intense hair loss.


Hair is mainly made of proteins and keratin. Of particular importance are the sulfur amino acids, methionine and cysteine, which stabilize the structure of proteins and link minerals of iron, copper, and zinc to each other.

Rich in sulfur amino acids are poultry, fish and dairy products.
During the period of increased hair loss, the need for protein increases about 1/3 of normal.

Minerals and trace elements

Dogs have an increased need for zinc, copper, manganese and selenium compared to humans. A lack of these substances in their diet, generally causes increased hair loss and can lead, during the period of hair change, to itching, blemiches and dry skin.


Vitamin H is very important for the metabolism of fats, proteins and purines. Biotin together with B2, B6, B3 and vitamin A, take care of skin maintenance and therefore healthy hair.


Each hair has a cover of fat. For new hair to be healthy, it is important to provide our dog with a food with essential fatty acids, like Ω3.


Water takes care the elasticity of the skin and transports the above substances, taking care of their proper metabolism.

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