Are you feeding your cat properly?

Are you feeding your cat properly?

Your cat needs energy.

It means meat, in same dosages of proteins and fats, like the prey caught in wild life. Cats are carnivores and need more protein than dogs or other pets. They are completely dependent on proteins! They give them energy and are an essential building block of their organs and tissues, including their cartilage, tendons, muscles and heart. They also act as enzymes, hormones and antibiotics.

Thus, high quality digestible proteins are essential for every cat! Especially for young kittens that are growing, adult cats that are breastfeeding and older cats that are less efficient at assimilating proteins. 

You have to exclude carbohydrates from its diet.

The cat cannot digest carbohydrates and this causes them major health problems. The natural diet of carnivorous cat includes only a very small percentage of carbohydrates (about 3-5%), mostlly in the form of digested plant mass in the stomachs of their prey. If cats are fed with higher amount of carbohydrates, these are convered to body fat and cause an imbalance of sugar / insulin ratio, which leeds to higher possibilities of obesity and diabetes.

How much water must consume daily.

Cat consumes 200ml of water daily and almost "drinks" it entirely from its food, which means that if you are not careful, the cat will be dehydrated and this will cause: 

  • Urinary infection
  • Stones in kidney
  • Cystitis

Cats, unlike dogs, get the water they need from their food. This makes it easier to feel full, so they eat as much food they need. Veterinarians warn that having a "dry" diet, increases the risk of crystals or stones in the cat's urinary system. Cats need to urinate frequently, so to break down solids that could create stones. Stones cause persistent complications that block the urinary system and can be fatal.

What you should do.

Give your cat wet food. As wet food consists of 75% water, 10% energy and 6% fat. It has the same nutritional value with the prey of its wild relatives in nature. Wet food gives your cat exactly what it needs!

WELLFED series cover the daily nutritional needs of your cat at different stages of its age and their special energy requirements.