freeze dried treats
πετ σοπ λιχουδια
pet shop treats

Fresh (raw) meat is a very sensitive product! It must be transported and preserved under certain conditions. We, as consumers, once we buy meat, either we store it in the freezer or immediately consume it after cooking it by thermal process. Thus we avoid the development of any harmful bacteria.

For our beloved pets though, in order to give them the taste that is closer to their genetically instincts, the meat must undergo a mild process by which we remove moisture. Removing moisture we eliminate the possibility of its oxidation and consequently microorganism development.


There are two ways of dehydration, which leads to preservation, of food for safe consumption. Either heating it or by the new-revolutionary method, Freeze Drying. By the freeze drying method, raw materials freeze instantly in less than 40°C while the atmospheric pressure drops. As a result of this procedure the water-moisture is transformed from solid form (ice) into gas. The product of this process remains with 8% moisture so that it can maintain a shape (such as Wellfed’s cube) and not to transform into powder. The advantages of this method are:  

  • to maintain the aroma and flavor of the fresh meat
  • to keep the ingredients and vitamins untouched (in contrast to the method of heat)
  • doesn’t need preservatives and coloring agents.

Considering all the above we can easily understand why:

  1.  NASA’s meals are preserved and stored with the Freeze Drying method. Especially the very sensitive product meat of salmon, is stored and ready for consumption after this process 
  2.  Leading companies in coffee industry use this method in order to enclose better the aroma and all the valuable ingredients of coffee 
  3.  The so-called Superfoods are dried this way to keep all the necessary fatty acids in the product!

Of course there is also a negative, which is nothing but the cost. Exactly, because it a very new method for the general public, the cost estimate is still quite high.

Nevertheless, Freeze Dry process is still considered by many, the drying and preservation process for foods, of  the next generation!