Obesity and your dog

Obesity and your dog

Obesity is a problem that now is becoming more and more common in dogs. If your dog has gained weight and has reached the point where your veterinarian classifies him as obese, it is important to recognize the importance of this for its overall health. A dog is considered overweight with a weight of 15% above its ideal weight, and obese with a weight that exceeds 30% of its ideal weight. 
What does obesity cause?

Obesity lowers immunity levels and increases the risk of many serious health problems as well as complex diseases for your dog. Such as diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and even cancer. The most important is that reduces dog's life. 
However, obesity can be avoided!

Basic steps that an owner must follow:

  • Proper nutrition by providing high quality food, rich in meat and protein
  • Control of the amount of food during the day
  • Regural checking of dog's weight and monitoring its health by a veterinarian
  • A very important factor is your dog's physical exercise. As exercise creates a greater nutritional deficit resulting in maximum results against obesity


Avoiding obesity for the dog means a happier animal, better health, fewer problems and finally more and better years for our favorite animal!

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