Round Water Fountain with Flower & Led light

Round Water Fountain with Flower & Led light

Electric round water fountain with flower & Led light, for fresh clean water. The sound of the water encourages the pet to drink more water & the Led lighting relaxes it. Suitable for small pets. It has circular water flow system with continuous flow & silent pump. The method of water treatment is through ion exchange to maintain water's freshness, and it has 1 filter of cotton, that contains activated carbon and negative resin ions. It helps the good health of the pet.
It has a window to show water level, so to fill it when needed.
The device can be washed in the dishwasher.

Item: 05584  Blue
Capacity:  2.4l


  • Safe use
  • Long life
  • Led lighting
  • Concumes low power (electricity)
  • It has a USB cable
  • Veterinary checked
  • PP material - very durable
  • Avoid infections
  • 5V pump & 360° surface for the pet to drink
  • Against dry air
  • Easy to clean


  1. First fill the fountain with water & then place it in the socket to avoid damage.
  2. During the first use, change the water after half an hour. 
  3. Change water every week.
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