GOGET Soft Robust Harness

GOGET Soft Robust Harness

Dog harness comfortable to wear due too extra padding at nech, chest and belly. It has D-ring for easy handling without pulling. With reflective stripes that glow in the dark, for the protection of your dog during the night. It has 2 plastic buckles for easy placement and elastic stripes for easy adjustment. It is important to remove it after walk, because there is possibility of damage by the dog's teeth.

Available in 3 colors (pink, grey, light blue) and 5 sizes:

Size Dimensions
S 42-52cm
M 48-65cm
L 61-76cm
XL 71-88cm
2XL 85-105cm


Pink                                     Grey
34623 size S                      34628 size S
34624 size M                     34629 size M
34625 size L                      34630 size L
34626 size XL                    34631 size XL
34627 size 2XL                  34632 size 2XL

Light Blue 
34633 size S  
34634 size M     
34635 size L  
34636 size XL
34637 size 2XL  
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